Connect mind and heart through writing.

What I’m Learning

Today is my fifth day as a part of the #OctWritingChallenge and it’s giving me brain burn.  Not so much because of the 500 word or the one revising hour minimum commitment I accepted, but more because of the challenge of finding time to physically record the thoughts that dash through my mind; during my daily 40 minute commute, the quieter seconds in the halls as I move among classrooms supporting middle school teachers, and even during the near deafening half hour of cafeteria duty.

What I’m learning is that I possess mental compartments that hold thought buoys which indicate what to write when I get the time to write.  These buoys bob within my gray matter for hours or days and, when linked to a trigger word or image, they lead me straight into a sea of words.  At times my net pulls from leagues below, surprising me with deep revelations that open a door to my psyche while enriching my characters.  Then there are those times that I wade gently in the tidal pools looking for lines that contain fragile but enduring energy.

One current project, a historical adult romance novel, challenges me to link what I know to what I research.  The Universe aids me by providing the people and events I need, to allow me to cast my net into my conjured world then pull in sensually evocative moments, recorded during my journey between imagination and manifestation.

These lessons are making me a better writer who is becoming more comfortable sharing the creative and realistic mixtures in my mind while, hopefully, encouraging others to do the same.

My thought for today:  “Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift. It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone.”    Amy Tan


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