Connect mind and heart through writing.

Hurdling the Challenges

What gets in my writing way?  

Mostly a lack of time, depleted stores of energy, and fear-affected procrastination.  None of this is news to writers or anyone moving forward to transformative goals.  Change is challenging and sometimes I’d rather crouch behind the wall than climb over it.  However, in living openly I’ve found a few things that were hidden in plain view on my side of the wall.

What surprises found me?

I learned that those feelings, tucked tightly next to my progress, weren’t slowing me, they simply placed my creative train on another track.  So instead of hiding behind my wall or creating a false façade, I explore the emotions and store those sensations in a place for use with my characters.

If the struggle to get it all on paper, keeps the emotions too alive to focus, I dive into my other writing world, the one that feels more neutral yet gently stokes my inspiration fires.  This is the world of mentor texts, research, artifact gathering, and a day off to breathe.

Then what happens?

My brain resets to my write rail so that I can revise with vigor, seeing new perspectives and able to hear the direction my characters are urging me to take.  The time I thought wasn’t there is reshaped into accessible small chunks, my energy stores are gradually refilled as action pushes procrastination behind production.

Would you like to join me?

If you are in your write mind, select something that’s keeping you on the unproductive side of the wall and find a way to use is to scale your barrier.  Write for yourself or share your thoughts with me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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